Starting and finishing

This quilt started as a first attempt at a quilt tutorial.  It was my very first jelly roll I ever bought and my first precut quilt.   It also was planned to be a throw quilt for my mom.  (This picture is from February of last year at our old house in Wisconsin.)

jelly roll race adaptation

Now we live in Maryland.  I made a much better tutorial for the Four Corners Quilt and it looked even better after it was quilted.  (Both posts have more photos in our old backyard.)  And, after discussing it with my mom, we both decided that this quilt was meant to go live with my aunt instead. 


on the grass

I did simple diagonal lines quilting and marked the lines with my Hera marker (I love that tool). 


I used a thrifted sheet for the backing so it has a nice smooth hand.

binding shot

And, I have another UFO from last year done!  Four finished projects since the beginning of the year is a pretty good start (but I did start with a goal of 19 old projects from the last two years...)


Anonymous said...

Four finished projects is a VERY good start! I on the other hand have completed 0 UFOs but started a few more. Sigh.....! Love your simple diagonal quilting. It's a classic.

Susan Snooks said...

Four projects finished! Wow! This quilt is such a happy one! I'm sure your aunt will love it!

Anonymous said...

What a great pattern idea for a jelly roll. Simple but so much better than the usual jelly roll race quilt. I have one of those started and I think I can make it into something like this instead. Exciting!
Linda F.

Anonymous said...

i love this quilt! it's so so beautiful!!

so tell me... what is a hera marker?!?!? will i need one when i get brave enough to attempt to turn my quilt top into an actual quilt? (just thinking about that makes me hyperventilate... blarg! when are you coming back to the midwest to help me?!?!) :)


Jessie said...

Pretty pics with the flowering tree picking up the pinks in the quilt! I wish I had your resolve on the UFOs..

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