Handknits by Momma

I've shown you some handknits by friends, but very little by me.  Rest assured, my needles have been busy as of late.  Here is the hat I made in February of last year, before Henry was a zygote.  The sweater is another picture of the lovely one from Nicole.

Here is the vest I started after Henry was born.  I love the smile in this picture.  He does that a lot now.

And, lastly, here is some other fun knitting.  They may look threatening :) but they are only an inch and a half tall. 

Between these little guys and the popcorn, I've been doing a lot of small item knitting with lots of bobbles.  (Here is the link to the pattern.  Be careful, they are addictive.)

I've got another sweater for Henry on the needles and more lovely gifted sweaters so you'll see more handknits here soon.


knittingsandwich said...

ooh i LOVE your knits! especially that vest- it's completely adorable! (but not as cute as henry, of course)

melissa said...

everything looks great! i love those aliens. do you have a special plan for them?

Anonymous said...

i love the colors of the vest, it's gorgeous. and his expression!!! cute little aliens, too

Katherine said...

love h's smile...i think i see you in there, for sure. how are you? thinking of you, ms. amazing knitter of green crunchies.

Geek+Nerd said...

Lots of adorable knitting (and baby cuteness) going on here. I like it!

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