Ravthlete is hard to pronounce

This post is seriously overdue, but I'm just going to plow ahead anyway, so here goes:

During the Winter Olympics, you might have heard about this other little knitter things going on called the Ravelympics 2010.   (Sidenote: I say "little" knitter thing because most people don't know anything about it, but nine thousand, five hundred and thirty-eight knitters, crocheters and weavers and 440 teams from 65 countries participated.  That is a lot of fiber lovin'.)  (Sidenote two: I totally didn't get any respect from my occupational therapist when I told her I *had* to knit because I was a knitting athlete.  I realize that I'm no moguls racer, but come on.  I take it seriously.)

As a participant, I set a big goal for myself, start my project/s when the opening ceremonies begin and finish my project/s when the flame goes out.

My challenge to myself was, first, to do a colorwork project with correct tension.

This one took two tries (thus the tiny purple sweater pic), but check.  Note: these sweaters are holiday ornament size, not people size.  They still took me 4 days each.

and, second challenge, to set up and use my loom,
(note: I've woven 30", not just the 3.5" in this photo)

also check, but I might redo the project, so let's call it a half-check.

And, to show my Ravthletic spirit, I ordered this lovely pin featuring the Ravelry mascot, Bob, wearing a knit cap.

Pretty fab, huh? 

The Summer Olympics are in only two years, so now is the time to learn to knit so you can join in the mass cast on.  Call your mom, your aunt, your grandma, your hipster friend or get a book from the library or just show up at a knitting guild or snb meeting or make an appointment at my house during Henry's nap time.


melissa said...

hooray for my most favoritest ravthlete!!

cmv said...

fab is right-- those teeny sweaters are too cute for words. and super impressive! i'm still scared by even the thought of colorwork. and your loom!? love it! we got to do some weaving when i was in elementary school and i loved it so much i've never been able to get it out of my head. beautiful!

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