My new sewing machine needs a name

My first sewing machine used to be named "the Bitch."  I got her for $10 from Goodwill back in college and she was lovingly named this because we listened to a lot of Ani Difranco and Tori Amos and we thought that being angry and creative was cool.  I was one of four women in a rental house that had a spare tiny bedroom turned craft room that we called the Sweatshop because we were constantly refashioning our clothes and we were so ironic. 

My machine cover is still labeled.

(picture singing this to Guns 'n Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle")

(Sidenote: the toaster oven in the apartment was labeled "Toastmaster General") 
So, my sewing machine is now called "the Beast" or, affectionately, "Mrs. B" and she has done me very good service.  She had one tune up early on and the kind people at the sewing and vacuum store there taught me how to clean and oil her.  She has muscled her way through quilts made from old jeans and corduroys--2 of them.  In fact, I've made at least 6 quilts with her.  She only does straight and a simple zigzag stitch but she did them well and without complaint.  Recently, though, she's retired to a nice resting place in the basement.  I still visit and check up on her, but she needs her rest these days.  (I also need a rest from carrying a thirty-five pound sewing machine around.)

It just so happens that my mom bought a new sewing machine and her old machine needed a new home.  This new girl (new to me) can do a 3 step zigzag, overcast stitch, a couple of embroidery stitches and doesn't pull my shoulder out of the socket whenever I move it.  My two most recent projects on her are a baby sling (tutorial from Karma Baby).

and a ribbon and rattle plushie (tutorial from Chez Beeper Babe).

The new girl also helped me with a number of projects from late last year.

She deserves a good name to go with her new home.  I think she's a little jealous of Trixie the Mixie.
Can you help?


melissa said...

ah i love the toastmaster general. it gets me every time...

love the ribbon and rattle plushie too - you're so good.

i think you should name her madge. she just looks like a madge to me. i know it doesn't make a cute rhyme, but i think with a name like madge and a 3 step zigzag she'll be able to keep trixie in her place.

quirky granola girl said...

i've been considering Chloe the Sewie, but i didn't want to be too cute and i'm not sure that Chloe fits. i'll mull over Madge. is that short for Margaret? how about Maggie? there is something about the d before g sound in Madge that seems clunky. i need hardworking yet a little elegant. hmmmmm....

cmv said...

oh my goodness, that ribbon and rattle plushie is just the cutest! i'm not good at names but you most certainly are- i love all the names you've come up with! trixie the mixie? too funny

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