Sewing for Knitting--and a rough tutorial

My double pointed knitting needles required a new and tidy home.  I have a needle case with pockets but the pockets were too big for the little needles, too slippery to hold them in and I'd have to get out the needle guage and test four sets before I found the right size.

I just loved these batik fabrics together. The fabric behind the needles is recycled from a pair of my corduroy pants.

double pointed needle wrap

If you want to make one of your own, you will need:

11 x 17" each of fabric for behind the needles (now called backing fabric) and the outside fabric
one 6 x 17" piece for the pocket fabric
17" of twill tape and a narrow piece of fusible webbing
two 6 x 16.5" pieces of fabric for the flap

1.  fold 3/8" of the top edge of the pocket fabric under and fold it one more time.  press and then sew the edge.  then fuse the twill tape to the top edge of the pocket fabric with an iron

2.  mark the pocket widths with chalk and a ruler first, then embroider the numbers for the pockets with an embroidery hoop and floss.
Pocket widths:
start measuring 1/2" in from the edge to allow room for stitching the layers together
size 0--2cm
size 1--2.25
size 2--2.25
size 3--2.5
size 4--3cm
size 5--3cm
size 6--3.25
size 7--3.25
size 8--3.5
size 9--3.5
extra pocket #1--3cm
extra pocket #2--3cm
extra pocket #3--2.5
there should be at least another 1/2" on this edge for stitching the layers together (I have a very tiny pocket left on mine but it will hold a small crochet hook perfectly)

3.  pin the pocket fabric to the backing fabric and sew lines to divide the pockets, backstitching carefully at the top edge of the pockets

4.  take the flap pieces and stack them right sides together, pin and sew around 3 sides (2 short sides and one long side, turn inside out and press

5.  now stack the backing and pocket piece right side up, place the flap on that with it aligned where you want it on the finished piece, lastly place the outside fabric on top with the right side down and pin around the perimeter.  sew around the edges with a 3/8" seam allowance and leaving a 3" gap to turn project right side out.  be sure not catch the short sides of the flap in your seam or it will not open.

6.  turn project right side out and press.  press the edges of the gap to align them with what has already been sewn.  *  topstitch around the entire perimeter 1/4" from the edge.  fill with needles and enjoy!

*  if you want your needle case to have a label, an elastic and button closure, or ties, here is where you would tuck the label/ties/elastic hairband into the seam gap before doing the topstitching.

Be aware that this is my first attempt at a tutorial.  If you have any questions , or if it doesn't make sense, please ask.


melissa said...

i love the fabrics you chose for this project! they're perfect together.

cmv said...

this is genius! i love it!

Heather said...

I have never seen someone sew one of these with the needle size on it! I LOVE it. I a posting this over at my inspiration section today.

Diane Swett said...

just saw this tutorial - love the idea - I made some crayon holders very simalar to this for my grandchildren at christmas time and have a few unfinished ones left - now I know what to do with them. I will one into knitting needle holder and the other to hold my paint brushes - great idea and great tutorial. Hope you are over your funk - I get that way sometimes - its OK -

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