Rounding out the days nicely

I've been posting here lately about craft projects and garden projects and I have more posts like that up my sleeve, but I thought I'd say a little about the other things that happen in between the many projects that are brewing around here.  

Henry is nearing numero uno and he has a long list of favorite things that we play during the day.

Peek-a-boo is a huge hit and he loves pulling a blanket over his face and then lying very still while I ask, "Where is the baby?"  Then he continues to stretch out the dramatic pause, and then he starts kicking his legs and when he just can't stand it anymore, he flips back the covers with a huge laugh.

We do a lot of spinning.  He loves doing it so many times until I nearly lose my balance, and then he holds himself really close like a baby monkey.  Sometimes he just looks up at me and grins.

There is a fair quantity of upside down tickling or just dangling.  (I think he's almost ready to learn some yoga inversions.)

Singing is a big hit.  The "Bubbaloo" song that I made up for him is the most popular, but nearly any song will work and short youtube video songs are especially popular.

When the weather is nice, Henry and I go out to the patio swing at least twice a day for a 10 minute "settle down."  And then we do it again with a couple of books before bed.  Dr. Suess ABC rhymes on warm spring evening with a baby in jammies on the patio swing is just about the best thing ever.

Another popular outside activity is eating mud and grass.  I don't participate myself, but it is very popular with the household members under age one.  He's also gotten a little sneaky about it.  Whenever he has a stick or leaf or maple helicopter in his mouth, he gets very quiet and then turns away from me when I come near him.  That's the signal that I have to dig something out, so I do.  He's also learned that it is much easier if he then opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue because I'll chase after him anyway.

Lastly, Henry loves to watch the cooking on the stove.  That is particularly so if Ben is cooking or if we are over at our friend Paul's house when he is cooking.  I love that he admires guys in the kitchen already.

So, there are some days that the creative projects take much longer than they used to and it can be frustrating at times, but our days are much richer with our babe.

Henry, I'm proud to be your momma.  Thanks for being such a great guy.


melissa said...

i love this post - a little peek into the magic of the everyday. henry is such a lucky little guy to have such a fantastic mama.

cmv said...

oh i love this post too! so completely lovely! thanks for sharing your charming world with us- what a wonderful momma, and what a perfect henry!

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