Stripping Paint

This is what our sun room looked like when we first moved in, four years ago.  That dreadful rust color is crackle paint.  Can you believe someone did that on purpose?  We also had dark brown crackle paint upstairs, brown and white crackle paint on the fireplace and green and gold Packer crackle paint as a decorative touch on the broom closet door.

(remembering all of that makes me shudder now)

Well, we only have two crackle paint doors left in the whole house.  Henry has recently been picking at the paint on the door to the basement, so.... I'm finally getting around to stripping it.

Working in the driveway or the garage:

And here it is without any finish.  It is still in the garage.  I have to work during naps or when Ben has Henry, so I still have to do the other side of the door.

It feels good to make progress, even four years later.


Souhair said...

Wow! I can see why you redecorated. Looks great now!

lily boot said...

oh .... my .... god .... that is the most revolting paint job I have ever seen!!! :-) I'm in awe that you were able to look past it!!! But your hard work is paying off beatifully - that wood is looking lovely.

Britt said...

Noooooooo! I am sad that you have gotten rid of the last of the crackle paint!

I guess it's easier to be nostalgic about it when I don't have to look at it every day.

Maybe I'll just have to paint my front hallway in crackle paint. :)

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