sshhhhhhh! i'm cheating on my sewing projects.........with knitting.

I'm currently knitting a simple mitten pattern, in some of the prettiest yarn ever.  I tried two other patterns with cables and texture, but they just didn't work with this yarn. 

This solid color, smooth yarn is a departure for me.  I usually pick a heather yarn, or a tweedy yarn or variegated.  I like nubby and thick/thin yarns.  And I usually wear something  in a muted tone.
But these bright green mittens will be for ME!

So, anyway, my sewing machine may feel neglected for a bit.  
In the meantime, mitten puppets with double point needles area fun way to entertain a toddler.

green mittens in progress


Britt said...

I support your knitting detour. That looks like a fine mitten.

melissa said...

i wish that last picture was a video! i want to see the puppet show too!

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