Distractable much?

I had excellent intentions of catching up on old projects and bee blocks this month. Part of that requires not picking up any new projects. Well, I might as well throw that idea out the window. The stack of fabrics from my last post has completely bewitched me. I think about them when I sleep at night, at work, in the shower, all of the time.

So, I had to start cutting and rearranging.

arranging the blades

And while that looked okay, I knew I didn't want a perfect dresden plate.  Then I was consumed with which leaves needed to be cut and pieced back together.

slowly piecing

It took two and a half days to sew it together, but I have to admit that I like it. 

all sewn up

Now my brain is busy processing what fabrics to use for the center and the background....


Leanne said...

This is wonderful, I look forward to seeing your background and centre choices!

Rhonda the Rambler said...

It is truly amazing. UFOs aren't going anywhere! LOL

tusen said...

This is great. I love how you've mixed in the pieced leaves. And I can't stop admiring your choice of fabrics :)

Lee said...

This is gorgeous! Love those colors.

Caro said...

Love your fabrics, especially the one with the flower names. Can you tell me who the designer/mfgr. is? Thanks.

perches said...

gorgeous!! i've been quietly admiring all of your quilting activities and am so impressed with your progress over the months :)

melissa said...

oh it's so perfect. love it.
that's two and a half days well spent my friend.

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