Workshop weekend

So, I told you that I went to a workshop in Colorado to learn mad sewing skillz from my quilty idol, Penny from sewtakeahike. I don't want to sound all star-crazed, but her creations rock. my. world. Check these out. (go ahead, click each word, I'll wait here.)

Well, the coolest thing about meeting Penny, is that she couldn't be sweeter in person. She was invested in teaching us what she taught herself to do over the past couple of years. And she helped us create the blocks that we pictured in our heads.  How cool is that?

Also, how cute is her teacher-ly sewing apron?
Penny in her teacher apron

This workshop of six people (including the hostess, the amazing Tara of tinkerfrog--that's Tara at the counter behind Penny), was the perfect size for a sewing homebody like me. Amanda of crazy mom quilts was there as the other half of the Wisconsin contingent. And Audrey of audreypawdrey and Carmen of seaschell rounded out the group.

I didn't bring Margene out for the trip.  Instead, I got to borrow this little beauty for the weekend.
(Those fabulous bags in the background were our goodie bags 
for attending the workshop.  Seriously, Tara rocks.)

Practice paper piecing.
paper piecing practice

Paper pieced initial blocks turned into pincushions.  (Mine is the "M", of course.)
initial pincushions

I've been telling Ben so many stories from the weekend complete with funny quotes only a quilter would understand ("No scrap left behind," "You had me at scrappy," and "I think sewing curves is sexy.") that he has started imitating me with, "This one time, at quilting camp...."

I don't care if I sound silly.  I had a fabulous time and I owe it all to these women (left to right, Amanda, Tara, Carmen, Audrey and Penny).

I have more block photos from the weekend but you'll have to wait until next time. 


Carmen said...

Yay! I wish we could do stuff like this all the time. :)

sewtakeahike said...

Wow, Melinda! You got some really good shots of the weekend! I love the one with the featherweight and the goodie bag. Seriously though, the pleasure was all mine to finally get to meet you and then to get to sew with you as well??? The cherry on top!!

verykerryberry said...

What a great workshop, your M pin cushion is gorgeous! I just know that Penny must be a great teacher!

audreypawdrey said...

I had the best time meeting you! I wish you had grabbed more novelty fabrics from my stash; I should have made you dig deeper.:) I also wish we could have weekends like this all the time; it was so much fun!

Amanda Jean said...

it was fun to sew my brains out right next to you! i forgot all about the quotes (already! shameful!) so that made me laugh. :) can't wait to get together and sew again sometime! it was so great to meet you. :)

melissa said...

oh wow melinda - it looks like a wonderful time!
i am so happy that you were able to get away for a little you time - you deserve it!

and you can tell ben that "one time at quilt camp" stories are inherently more interesting that "one time at math camp" stories.... :)

ayumills said...

Awww you must have had tons of fun with these creative folks! I wish I could attend the quilt guild!

CapitolaQuilter said...

How lucky for you, glad you had a wonderful time - looks like it would be hard not to!!

cmv said...

looks like such a wonderful time! i love the pincushions and am totally jealous at the machine you got to use for the weekend. what a beauty!

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