Housewarming Potholder

I used the tiny house block from my last tutorial to make this potholder for some friends that just bought a house. Their house doesn't have floral siding or roof, unfortunately.   

Penny helped me pick out the binding fabric at the workshop.  I can safely say that I never would have chosen the aqua without her help.  I used a layer of cotton batting and a chunk of felted sweater again.  This is the first time that I tried to do a standard binding with the felted wool.  
It was harder to sew, but I like the result.

housewarming potholder

So, if you could pick one fabric for the outside of your house, what would it be?


melissa said...

love the potholder - what a darling and thoughtful housewarming gift.

and i'm not familiar enough with fabric to be so bold as to pick one to cover my entire home, but i can say that if i'm allowed to cheat and pick a yarn it would have to be lamb's pride worsted all the way.... mmmm.... just that hint of mohair... perfection.

lily boot said...

very sweet - and lovely corners on your binding. I'm the laziest binder the totally challenged by nice mitred corners - yours are so neat :-) Hmm ... a fabric for the outside of my house - I'm very partial to lovely soft corduroy! But then, there was a beautiful warm white with red and pink trees on it at the store yesterday that made my heart beat faster.

audreypawdrey said...

This is so cute! I love the aqua binding, too, it is perfect as a complement to the orange. I would probably choose a calico so it would look like my house was covered in flowers. It is the only way my house could ever be covered in flowers as I don't have much of a green thumb; that is what my husband says-I am in denial.

Carmen said...

Great housewarming gift! I'd pick a vintage sheet, or an old feedsack fabric... something retro and fun.

ayumills said...

your potholder is so cute! Love the wonky chimney!! If I were to pick one fabric for the outside of my house, I'd pick one with lots of sweets!

cmg said...

oh it's adorable, what a great project! and what a great question too! hmmm... i'm not sure what kind of fabric i'd like. perhaps a simple black&white stripe so then i can accessorize with some pink polka dot drapes or something :)
(can you tell i think from a photographic perspective?)

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