Modern Vintage Quilt

I made this quilt top in July of last year.  I designed it as a baby quilt, but I liked the colors and the fabric combination SO much that I was afraid to finish it.
quilt top
(A quilt this pretty might make a girl want to have a second baby before she's ready!)

So, I left it as a lonely little quilt top for a l-o-n-g time.  Then in February, I practiced using a long arm quilting machine.  (By the way, I do not recommend a long arm machine for doing straight line quilting.  The axis locks do not coincide as closely as you want them to.  Trust me.
I should have asked for advice before attempting.)

Anyway, I chose to quilt lines on either side of the horizontal seams
and then diagonal quilt lines on every other row.

I pieced my binding from leftovers of the blues and aqua and turquoise.   

binding and daffodils

This quilt gets its name from the mix of fabrics used.  I adore the vintage sheets featured in this quilt.   I collected some of them for this picnic blanket, then I received one through the Vintage Swap (that print on the back) and lastly, I added some scraps given by a friend.  

back 2

The modern fabrics I chose are also some of my very favorites--solids, shot cotton, polka dots, stripes, a 30's reproduction and one print from Wild Thyme. 

Mixing the modern and the vintage blended the very best of both worlds to me. 


Not long ago, Ben and I decided that our family was just the right size as it is.  Almost immediately after that, I heard that a close friend was pregnant with her second.  I've been so excited to pass this quilt on to their new addition.  I didn't know if their baby would be a boy or a girl, but I knew that this quilt fit the personality of the baby's parents.  They are a special couple that I admire especially for how they live with old fashioned intentions in a modern world.

So, Grace Eliza, welcome to the world.  You are a lucky girl surrounded by much, much love.


Lily Boot said...

oh its lovely! It looks so soft and smooshy. Grace Eliza is a lucky girl.

marjory said...

Grace is, indeed a lucky girl and Jake and Kat are even luckier to have you in their world. Well done on this and all of your lovely sewing creations!

melissa said...

oh melinda, this is perfect. i love everything about it. every single stitch.

and your last two sentences warm my heart.
sending a big hug to you!

audreypawdrey said...

This is lovely! I love the mix of the vintage and the modern, and it is perfect for a baby.

Amanda Jean said...

I am swooning over this quilt!!!! Seriously swooning. It's beautiful in it's simplicity. The mix of colors and values are spot on. I'm over here giving you a standing ovation. Do you see it? ;)

cmv said...

oh Grace Eliza is such a lucky girl! what a jewel of a quilt!

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