Tiny House Plans

My tiny houses are coming in from the May Mom's Bee.

tiny houses

I have big plans for this quilt involving a sweet little neighborhood and some grass 
and quilting lines to connect the houses.  

Here is the rough drawing that I did in my sketch book a couple of months ago.  
(Henry helped me color it a little)  I have to blur my eyes and use my imagination a little, 
but looking at those blocks above, I do see the image coming together. 

messy process

In the drawing I was planning on adding a sidewalk and pathways to the houses, but I think I'm going to eliminate that.  I also had some freehand quilting ideas that I've now decided to turn into another quilt (because I want to see those drawings in color, not just in the background).  I think the sashing is going to be the hardest thing with this quilt.  I want these houses to look "sprinkled" into a neighborhood (does that even make sense?).  Cohesive yet funky and separate.  I guess it is a feeling I'm going for, which makes explaining complicated.  I'm still not sure how to extend that feeling into a design for a quilt border, but I'll have to be patient until the image comes to me. 


You'll see a new button in my sidebar: "I took the process pledge"

This was started by rOssie as a way to encourage quilt bloggers to talk more about the inspiration behind their quilt designs and to take pictures of the process and not just the finished product.  I love process posts on other blogs, but I'm often not brave enough to put that up here.  My quilt design process is chaotic and messy and hard to open up for other people to see.  It is also hard to put into words.  I design and quilt based on a mixture of gut feelings and something I dreamt about but can't quite remember and some inspiration image that I saw months ago but can't recall the source....
But, I'm going to take a stab at trying to describe it anyway.  I hope you don't mind the mess.


Souhair said...

The houses are wonderful. Can't wait to see the full vision...

Karen said...

It's so neat to see all the little houses all in a row. I can't wait to see it all come together!

melissa said...

they're all so perfect and unique. this is going to be one completely amazing quilt.
(have i mentioned lately that i think your a quilting genius?!?)

Amanda Jean said...

LOVE the houses! Im impressed with the variety you received!

I understand about the process pledge. I have a hard time with things like that, too, and probably for the very same reasons! I think you should try to stick with it, because you'll do great.

Sewing any fancy blocks today?!? I'm hoping to.

cmvs said...

oh my goodness i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! oooh this might be my favorite ever!

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