Ten (!) Years in the Making

I like new.  New fabrics, new ideas, new projects....oooh, shiny!  But, every once in awhile, it feels good to pull a quilt out and finish something for once.  I'm in that mood right now.  So, if my blog has been obnoxious lately with the amount of finished items, please know that all of these have been months in the making.

Or....ten years in the making.

the stack

4 in a row

These started as one queen size jeans and corduroy quilt TEN years ago.  Then the quilt top loitered in my craft cupboard for 9 years.  I pulled it out last year to baste it and attempt to quilt it

Let's just say that it didn't go well.  It was so bulky and so heavy and so painful, that I gave up for another ten months. 

Until last week.  I pulled it out and hacked it into 4 pieces.  I ripped out every stinking quilting stitch that a wrestled with months ago, basted it again, quilted and bound all four baby quilts in three days.  And they are heading out to charity as we speak.

And now I have a whole shelf of my craft cupboard that is free and clear and it feels so good!


audreypawdrey said...

I love them! Good for you for finishing up some projects too! I still need to do that, but this week is all about small projects to finish quickly for me.:)

Amanda Jean said...

kudos to you for finishing them! what a great idea to hack them into 4 pieces. that was a great plan of attack. i bet it DOES feel good to have a clear space in your cupboard. now, what to fill in with??

melissa said...

apparently 10 years was the exact right amount of time you needed.
some ideas need longer to percolate than others :)
these are gorgeous, and making four baby quilts was inspired.

have i mentioned how lucky pine ridge is to have you on their side?
it's true. yay you!!

MissesStitches said...

Must be a good feeling to get that quilt cut into smaller ones and finished off. Good for you!

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