Geese on the brain

I'm finally working on my flying geese quilt again. Most of these blocks came from my month in the Sew Buzzy bee(Here is another process post about this quilt.)

 I asked my bee members to make any size and any number of blocks they wanted.  So sashing this quilt has been an undertaking.  I also want to balance the colors throughout the quilt so I don't get big patches of yellow poking me in the eye every time I look at the finished product.  . 

varied sashing
balancing colors

I took the scraps that were sent back and made tiny geese 
and tucked them into the sashing, too.
mixing blocks

top left corner

A big part of the reason I started working on this quilt again (and took any photos of it) is that grommet that you see at the top of the next photo. My design wall used to be a tacked up, much-too-large quilt batting in my dark basement sewing studio. These squares were up on that 
and the excess batting was spilling on to the floor and the sewing table. 
new design cloth

I liked the square placement, but the wall set up was unmanageable.  Then Felicity gave me the idea of using a picnic tablecloth as a design space. I bought three tablecloths, installed hooks on the wall and punched grommets into the table cloths. Now I have THREE design walls and they are portable for photography or for sorting colors in daylight. I'm a much happier crafter now :)

And now I don't worry about the batting on the floor.  I can focus on geese, geese and more geese.

Are there any studio organization tips that have transformed your crafting lately?


Lily Boot said...

at the risk of sounding like a repeating record - this is SO LOVELY! I adore flying geese - the different layouts of them here are really inspiring - and your colours look so great against the grey. Ohhh - I want to sew too.

Anonymous said...

"...big patches of yellow poking me in the eye..." HA!
This is going to be a beautiful quilt - I can't wait to see it all together. A studio organization tip - an inexpensive TV tray next to your sewing machine is a great place to organize fabric components so you don't have to reach or walk as much. I also recommend a small ironing pad placed next to you for pressing seams.

Leanne said...

This is a wonderful piece!

Anonymous said...

I should probably feel bad that I covet this quilt so much. But I don't. Not one bit.
You are lucky that there are so many states between us because I want to steal all these squares.

Kati said...

I love this quilt!! My bee month is August and I've been thinking about asking everyone to make something with flying geese. I'm loving how yours is coming out.

melissa said...

love all the geese! especially the little babies!!
i enjoyed all these sneak peek photos, can't wait to see the finished product - it's going to be mind-blowingly-awesome!!

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