Another Quilt Finish

I'm especially excited for this one. It is another quilt that will be headed to the Pine Ridge Reservation. This one is made almost entirely of vintage sheet fabrics. I'm just so excited about the springy colors and the improv piecing in the quilt top I had my sheet scraps cut up and I just started throwing them together and making all decisions based on instinct. I felt like a driven woman for two days while I looked up close, then stepped up on a chair to get some distance, while I turned things clockwise and counterclockwise, while I added strips and took some away.   
My brain grabbed onto this idea and wouldn't let go.


Once the top was done, I did step away for a short time. Then I rented time on a long arm quilting machine to freehand quilt.  I tend to gravitate toward a loopy meandering quilting pattern, so non-crossing, non-loopy meandering was a big challenge for me. A big enough challenge that my curves are HUGE on this, but I don't mind.


I bound this in Hooty Dots from Riley Blake.  
The color is just a bit too bright a lime green, but I think I like it that way. 
The back is another vintage sheet.


Even on a super gray day, this quilt seems to brighten everything up


The hard part about giving this away is that I wish I could see a baby snuggled up in this one. 
I'll just have to use my imagination, though :)


Lily Boot said...

that is utterly gorgeous! Utterly! It reminds me so much of my favourite fabric in my grandmother's curtain shop in the 1970s - such golden prettiness. Lucky lucky baby - I don't know how you're going to give it away.

beth said...

so pretty! Love those lines!

Anonymous said...

I really like this - it's easy for this sort of thing to turn out kind of mish-mashy, but the way you placed your two green stripes and yellow polka dots is very effective. Nice work!

Carmen said...

So cheerful! And I really love the backing, too!

audreypawdrey said...

This is so bright and cheerful; some baby is going to feel so loved in it! I love the improv piecing you did here, and the green is so perfect. It really brightens it all up!

melissa said...

oh melinda, this is completely gorgeous!! you are going to make a family at pine ridge so so happy!

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