Bright Return

I was a quilter back in college.  My first quilt was one I made from three fabrics and I traced a boxed cake mix to make the "squares."  I made another five quilts after that and then I just...stopped.  I lost the inspiration and I started focusing on making more pottery and then knitting.

Anyway, 9 years later I was pregnant with Henry and nesting and I had an intense need to make him a quilt.  I designed and pieced about half of the quilt top, and then neglected it in favor of other nesting projects.

This was my return to quilting, and it is the first baby quilt that I'll be sending to charity.  It will go to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  If you are on ravelry, there is a group there called Bundles of Joy.  They knit blankets, hats, sweaters, booties, and other items for the babies born at the Pine Ridge Hospital OB Ward.  I'll be sending this quilt to the same place.


This is the first quilt that I did freehand on the long arm machine.  
I had a lot of fun making a meandering loopy pattern.  

This quilt was the gateway to my current sewing madness.  
I hope it will keep a new little one warm and happy.


Sarah said...

You need a love button on your blog. Love (1)

Anna said...

It's gorgeous (like everything else you do - including Henry) :)

Tania said...

And the back is fabulous and could easily be the front! You must have been positively dizzy with all the quilty meandering loopy lou-ing...

felicity said...

Love both the back AND the front.

Anonymous said...

it really is wonderful, Melinda! Some little one is going to be particularly blessed!

melissa said...

oh it's amazing!! if it's possible i think i like the back more than the front!

pine ridge is lucky to have such a generous and talented quilter on their side!

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