Farming Duo Block Tutorial

farming duo block tutorial

When I was making my Farmer's Wife blocks, I would cut the fabric for a number of blocks for a week or more, and then I'd sit down and sew a few at a time.  One night I managed to sew the pieces of one block wrong and (I think) I invented a new block.  It seems about time to share a tutorial for it.

This tutorial will make a 6" finished Farming Duo block.
  • Choose 3 fabrics for your block.  Cut (four) 2 x 3½" rectangles of two fabrics and (four) 2 x 2" squares of the third fabric and one of the first two fabrics.
 duo 1

  • Draw a corner to corner line on the back of all of the 2 x 2" squares.
duo 2

  • Arrange the rectangles in an alternating pattern.
 duo 3

  • Arrange the squares on the rectangles (right side to right side) with the drawn lines making a diamond shape in the center of 4 rectangles.
duo 4

  • Pin all of the square-rectangle pairs.
 duo 5

  • Sew directly on the diagonal lines.
duo 6

  • Trim a 1/4" away from the sewn diagonal seams.
duo 7

  • Press seams.
duo 8

  • Match rectangles in pairs and sew.  Then sew two pairs together, and lastly, sew the final center seam.
duo 9

  • Press all seams and trim the final block to 6½". 
duo final

I hope you like it!
Please let me know if you make a block with this tutorial.  I'd love to see it.


Rhonda D. said...

Love your block! Thanks for the tutorial. I
love your text fabric & sewing pattern fabric.
What lines are they from. I would be interested
in finding some. Thanks!!


Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Looks great, Melinda! Your points are very impressive (tee hee).

Susan said...

Love this block! The fabrics are perfect!

Beth said...

That's so cool! What a great mistake! I'll let you know when I make one.

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial!!! I love this pattern...

LuckyRedHen said...

Love the fabric choices and tutorial! Thanks for a new pattern I can try :D

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Great block and tutorial!

melissa said...

love this block!
the tutorial made my head swim... but that's why i'm a knitter. :)

tvbleak said...

Love this block, great tutorial. Thanks for sharing

tvbleak said...

Love this block, great tutorial. Thanks for sharing

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