Sweetie Peach Quilt

My friend has a baby girl that smiles from ear to ear all of the time.  And now she's even cuter because she has her bottom center teeth and the top 3rd and 4th teeth but not the top center ones.  She's a smiley little milk and yogurt vampire.  I started a quilt for Catalina when her mom was pregnant, but I finally finished it this week (she's 13 or 14 months now).

Sweetie Peach Quilt

I started with the color scheme of a favorite vintage sheet (the red, pink and yellow pansies) and then I grabbed lots of other scraps and coordinating fabrics and just cut and sewed, added and subtracted until it was 50" square. 

sweetie peach quilt

I used my walking foot with the arm and quilted concentric circles.  This was my first attempt at it so it isn't perfect.  But Miss Catalina gave it a huge grin and nuzzled it with her nose and then hugged it close right before she fell asleep under it.  I think it is a hit.

This kind of random scrappy quilt is my favorite to make.  I think I don't do it more because I'm afraid to cut up favorite fabrics that aren't vintage sheets.  I'll cut into them just a little bit to make little blocks like the Farmer's Wife blocks, but that's about it.  Now I need a new challenge to do the same with a favorite Japanese fabric or something equally rare.


Kleep said...

That is beautiful! I love the vintage sheet and what you did with it.

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

I love the colors, Melinda! The quilting is great too!

Gina said...

Random scrappy quilts are my favorite, too! What a great fabric starting point you had...i love the colors!

Debbie said...

What a really sweet, colorful quilt!

Suz J said...

This is a lovely, happy quilt. Baby quilts are so overrated anyway... it's much more fun to make something for someone once they have a personality (and teeth!)

Lucy | Charm About You said...

That is adorable!! Love the vintage and a great name too :)

melissa said...

oh melinda - this quilt is *perfect* for a smiley sweet baby!
(i'm sad we didn't get to see the back though, i always like the backs)

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