I have been asked by many, many people how I was going to beat last year's Halloween costume.

Officer Buckle

And, I have honestly replied that I don't think it is possible.  A toddler in a mustache is just too funny so the best I can do this year is to try to match it.

He is a big 3 year old that won't wear hats...except this cool fireman's hat that he got from a safety talk at school.  So...fireman it is. 
halloween costume

 I got an XL men's barn jacket from a secondhand shop, a pack of reflector tape and 3 buckles from Joanns.  And then I used a current sweatshirt and fabric pencil to attempt to size it correctly.  The front, back, collar, sleeves and pockets were all resized to 3T-ish.  I flipped the collar around, I took off the buttons and covered part of the buttonholes with reflector tape.  I used some French seams to make the inside look a little presentable and other seams I just sewed as best I could and didn't worry about how they looked.  (The armholes were quite a challenge with that many layers of fabric and reflector tape in the way.)

The jacket should be sturdy and warm considering he has 4 or 5 places to wear it in the next week.  

Perhaps he'll run across a real fireman that can teach him why fire hoses don't go in the mouth.  



Suz J said...

Wow! Uber-impressed. Great to see Henry turning from a toddler into a small boy (with or without the mustache)

beth said...

Love it!

Nic said...

So cute

Lindsey said...

Awesome idea!
-I totally agree, babies and toddelers with mustaches are the funniest.

Kelsey said...


Anna said...

he's so cute!! I love it. My dad is a fire chief, he would get a huge kick out of this. :)

Rebecca said...

Absolutely darling! What a little guy!

Gina said...

wow!! impressive refashion on the jacket!! Your cute little man is looking good for Halloween!!!

melissa said...

love it! the costume, the mustache, the hose-in-the-mouth, every single bit of it!! but mostly henry, he'd be adorable if he went as a paper bag for halloween.

your sewing skills never cease to amaze me. you did a fantastic job on this my friend.

Debbie said...

haha. Such a cutie and congrats on an awesome job on the costume!

felicity said...

FANTASTIC costume, Mama! Way to go!

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