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I've been having a lot of anxiety lately.  That is an odd thing to admit on the internet, but it is true.  There are many things going on in my life that are out of my control and it makes me awfully uncomfortable.  Anyway, when that happens to me I have a few things that help.  One is clutching tiny needles and knitting silly things like Barbie clothes.  

tiny knits 2

The patterns came from this site again.  The skirt and wrap around top are pattern number 248 and the dress is a shorter version of pattern number 849.  These will be sent to my young friend that adores handknit Barbie clothes.  I passed my last model doll over to her, too.  And then I sent my husband out to get me a new doll with the bendy elbows.  Just take a moment to imagine my sweet husband in the store and on the phone with me at home, debating the merits of different dolls for about 15 minutes.  (This one is Hispanic Presidential Barbie 2012.  Thank goodness she stands on her own so I didn't have to talk my husband into lying outstretched on the floor to hold her up for the photos again.  He is a ridiculously nice guy.)

tiny knits 2

And here are two newborn hats for the babies of the Pine Ridge Reservation.  I'll be donating these through Bundles of Joy again.

tiny knits 2

I have more charity and Barbie knits coming up. I know some of you have hinted that you'd like to see some sewing project finishes, particularly the Farmer's Wife quilt and the hexies.  I will get there eventually, but the tiny needles and tiny yarn are attempting to soothe my fraying nerves right now.  


melissa said...

i happen to personally know your young friend and can vouch that she will be completely over the moon when she sees these clothes! i love that barbie clothes are what calms you. maybe i should look into it myself! :)

love the hats! they're going to keep some sweet pine ridge babies snuggly warm this winter!

and ps - i think it is completely apropos that 2012 hispanic presidential barbie can stand on her own two feet.

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

So, so sorry to hear about the anxiety, hang in there. I am sending calm and loving thoughts your way. And yay for the tiny knitting and super husband!! Mine always calls from the "feminine protection" aisle to make sure he is buying just the right thing :) Maybe specialty barbies should be located in the same aisle, just for the sake of supportive shopping husbands...? xx J

verykerryberry said...

I am with you on the anxiety at the moment, once it creeps in it is hard to get it to go away. I totally relate to going small too, anxiety magnifies the smallest thing so miniature crafting sounds the perfect salve. I hope it eases soon- I have an 1980s wonder woman knitting pattern for Barbies/Sindys- would you like a copy? It is a tiny swimsuit style one piece with boots!

felicity said...

I just like reading your words and seeing what you're working on, so please just keep doing what you need to right now. :)

Cassie said...

I can relate to the anxiety. We are in such a transition phase right now and it is killing me a little, just waiting for things to be sorted out and know what will be going on. Maybe I should work on some knitting. Those barbie clothes are so impressive!

Toni said...

I love that you have found such a fun way to deal with your anxiety. And I had no idea there was such an assortment of barbies out there! Hopefully I won't have to find out about them firsthand for a few more years. The newborn hats are adorable and really make me want to make another attempt at figuring out the whole knitting thing. Best wishes!

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