Zipper, Cut, Fabric--Sew Out Loud

Have you seen the cool block sewing going on in the Sew Out Loud group on flickr?  Nearly every day a new fabulous block pops up.  Here is Julianna's "Zipper" design for week 1.

Block 1 - zipper {Sew Out Loud QAL)

Here is Joanna's "Cut" design for week 2.

CUT - block 2 in Sew Out Loud QAL

And here is the link to Muriël's "Fabric" design that was just posted Monday.

My block won't be posted until April 16th.  But you still have plenty of time to put on your thinking cap and design a block for this project.  The very last slot in this 12 week adventure is reserved for the winner of the design competition.  I can now reveal that Suzuko Koseki is the judge of that competition.  She is a fabric designer and artist from Japan and her work is amazing.  There are a number of fabric prizes that go to the competition winner, too.  The details are all in this post. 

Happy block sewing and block designing to you!

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melissa said...

wow. what an amazing group of women you're working with!

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